JUL 2019

Traditional versus alternative methods of finance

Senior Associates Gabriella Zammit and Kelly Fenech are the speakers of The Malta Institute of Accountants (MIA) event "Traditional versus alternative methods of finance".

Traditionally the banking system has been used for the funding requirements of companies and organisations. Over the years, capital markets have been growing steadily. The scope of this session is to give an overview of the different regimes and the basic requirements emerging therefrom, and therefore, which these companies have to fulfil before carrying out an offer to raise capital through: an offer to the public, be it through a STO or IPO; a private placement; crowdfunding; or an ICO. One of the key aspects of this session will be how a Financial Instruments Test (the “Test”) is carried out in relation to capital raising as the Test will determine the nature of the Distributed Ledger Technology asset which the company will issue to raise capital and subsequently under which regulatory framework such instrument will be issued.

Topics on the agenda

  • A look at the current capital markets landscape(
  • Summary of basis requirements for different capital raising processes, namely IPO, STO, ICO and crowdfunding
  • The Financial Instruments test
  • Concluding remarks


Registration Time: 09.00

Sessions Time: 09.15 - 12.30 including a 15-minute coffee break 

Speakers: Dr Gabriella Zammit & Dr Kelly Fenech

Venue: Lower Ground, Tower Training Centre, Swatar

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